A statement from Sassy Batman creator/writer/director Xavier Burgin:

Two years ago, I left Alabama to attend USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Living in Los Angeles opens up a bevvy of creative opportunities. I’m constantly working on a diverse array of projects with colleagues, classmates, and employers.

While work as a director, photographer, and gun for hire kept coming to me, I neglected to tackle the position I ultimately wanted as a creator, someone who executes an idea from its inception to its completion. I wanted my own vision realized.

This is when I happened upon the Art of Kevin Warren , a phenomenal graphic artist in the Tumblr-sphere. He created a piece of art known as Sassy Batman based on a series of tweets from Chris Sims (@theisb), a well-known graphic novel and comic enthusiast.

Art of Kevin Warren

Chris Sims

There have been a litany of Batman parody comics, videos, and art, but never something akin to Sassy Batman. I scoured YouTube for any such series. Anything.  I came up empty save a few home videos. That’s when I knew I had something special and new.

I began working on several ideas for a series based around a Batman persona who existed outside of the mainstream mythology. I wanted a Batman who brought a novel sense of humor that also subverted the masculine stereotypes associated with superheroes. I enlisted the help of Amani Starnes ( The United Colors of Amani ) and writer Ira Madison III to help me build a new world for Batman in which his crime-fighting skills and mythos directly contradict his everyday life. In essence, we took a slice of Gotham out of Batman, and added a dash of Hollywood.

Sassy Batman is comedy first, but it’s also a critique on the prototypical masculine superhero, a commentary on the LA lifestyle, a discourse about codependent relationships, and an absurdist look into a world where superheroes truly exist alongside plebes like the rest of us.

So yea, there’s all of that. Be sure to laugh along the way, and thanks for watching.