Adam J. Jefferis – Sassy Batman

Adam J. Jefferis is the night … but aside from donning the mask of the caped crusader, he plays with Tim  Robbins’ theatre company, The Actors’ Gang.  Recently, Adam made appearances on the hit TV shows 2 Broke Girls and Sam & Cat .  He can also be seen in numerous regional and national commercials.  To learn more about Jefferis, visit his website

Amani Starnes – Jessica

Amani Starnes is a multiracial actress, writer, producer, and singer. She graduated from Yale, where she received a double major in Theater and African American Studies. Amani has garnered recent critical acclaim for her original web series, The United Colors of Amani, in publications including The Washington Post , Jezebel,The Jane Dough, Madame Noire, and Racialicious. In the tradition of Robert Townsend’s Hollywood Shuffle , the series explores Amani’s uncomfortable racial adventures in Hollywood.

In addition to her web presence, Amani is the face of several national television commercials. She also sings, choreographs, and stars in independent films, plays, concerts, music videos, rock operas, and musicals. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Aries Sanders – Amber

Aries Sanders is working actress in Los Angeles, CA. You can

Melissa Bender – Melissa

Melissa Bender is a young actress who left Birmingham, Alabama for Los Angeles in 2013. Melissa has had leading roles in several short films and trains with award-winning acting coach Loren Chadima. Melissa is looking forward to the upcoming pilot season and is hoping to further her career in 2014.

Kati Sharp – Catwoman

Kati Sharp is a working actress in Los Angeles, CA. She has worked on many productions, including Idiocracy (2006), Revenge , and Demon Legacy (2014).

Esteban Cueto – Mugger

Esteban is a tall, athletically framed actor and stuntman who has developed an impressive resume of film and screen credits. This hulking, often bearded performer of Hispanic descent, made his career starts in 2002. During his first year, the busy Esteban found work in such high-profile films beginning with the Arnold Schwarzenegger anti-terrorist actioner (2002).

This was followed by the action film (2002) starring [former] pro-wrestler Dwayne Johnson .  In 2011, Esteban appeared in another action film, Fast Five (2011). He has background skills in stunt driving, martial arts, military maneuvers and weapons and wire-work.